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MEDUSA PIERCING   2018/ plaster, pigment, steel, PVC sheets/ Installation: size variable / Object: 130 x 88 x 70 cm

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ALTSOMMA    2018 / plaster, pigment, steel / 65 x 75 x 22 cm

Installationview Medusa Piercing

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Medusa Piercing
Exhibition: Nov. 24 – Dec. 15, 2018 – Sat. 12-6 pm and by appointment
Opening: Friday November 23, 6-10 pm
Address: Potsdamer Straße 118, 10785 Berlin, (in the backyard)

Medusa Piercing

A medusa piercing is a piercing that is situated above the lip in the middle, underneath the middle thinger of the nose, and above the upper lip.

„That Medusa Piercing looks hot on him“
„Yeah, totally. I love medusas.“

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Emilia Neumann (*1985) lives and works in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. From 2006 to 2013, she studied at the Academy of Arts and Design Offenbach with professors Wolfgang Luy and Georg Hüter. In her sculptures and sculptural installations, Emilia explores the dialectical versatility of her material: By intervening in their relationship, she transforms both object and subject into accomplices of her fragile and antagonistic conditions.

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(Text: Hendrike Nagel)

Fotos: Trevor Good